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(I work at a very small dry cleaning business, we have two stores our plant which is where we dry clean and our plant which is where this story takes place )

Customer: I have a drop off and a pick-up but on the drop off there are a few stains.

Me: Not a problem sir I’ll mark it down on the ticket and take care of that for you.
(Note he repeats himself about the stains for the next few minutes and we can’t always guarantee the stains will come out)

Customer: I have a pick-up as well.

Me: yes sir I was just marking the pre-spot on the ticket for you.
(I grab his order and as soon as I hang it on the store rack he grabs it and inspects it then starts getting rude)

Customer: Why weren’t you able to get the stain out?! It was just a sauce stain!

Me: unfortunately we can’t guarantee that stain will come out, I’m sorry but there is a sorry tag on the hanger (I point out the tag) that says we tried everything to get it out but it just would not come out of the shirt.


Me: (stunned by what he had said) uhm no sir since you paid for it the first time this was a redo it’s free of charge I’m sorry we couldn’t get the stain out.

Customer: Do I have to pay for this again or not?!?

Me: No sir it was a free redo. No charge.

Customer: Well good because now I’ll have to get a new shirt. Better not screw up these two pieces or there will be trouble.

Me: Have a great rest of your day sir!!!

He walks out and I can finally breathe again to calm down. Some customers never understand that we do everything in our power to make them happy..