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Working in a garden center, my main duty is to water the plants when not helping customers. One day, I was watering in the shade section when a woman approached me.
Customer: Excuse me, where’s your Sweet Potato Vine?
Me: Oh, follow me.
Sweet Potato Vine is one of the most popular plants in our section. I turn off the hose, put it down, and take her to them. She looks them over. We have two or three green types, and two or three purple types.
Customer: Hm…which of these do you think would look best with this plant?
I look at the plant in her cart, then I pick one of the purple types.
Me: I personally like this one best, and I think it would look good with this.
I hold the vine near her plant.
Customer: Oh, I don’t like that.
She walks away before I can suggest another type, leaving me holding the Sweet Potato Vine.