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(So I work in a high volume pharmacy. We’ve recently gotten a new pharmacy manager, who is trying to problem solve our pharmacy moreso than our previous managers. One of our regulars comes in. For background, he’s often rude to pharmacy workers, and doesn’t call his doctor to get his prescriptions called in, so he either has to wait a few minutes to a few days to get his prescriptions filled which causes him to complain. This particular time, I’m not working the registers, but a newer co-worker is. He’s just told the guy that his prescriptions aren’t in yet, but we’re calling the doctor)
Customer: You guys never have the medicine in! I’m always waiting, you guys just don’t want to call the doctor. Are you trying to kill me?
Manager: Sir, we told you when you came in yesterday that this could take a few days. If you want to talk to your doctor to speed it up, you’re more than welcome to.
Customer: Where’s [male pharmacist]? I want to talk to him! (Note: our manager is female, and the pharmacist he’s requested is not in for the day; she can’t call him in to talk to a customer)
Manager: Sir, I’m the manager, and I have the doctorate that [other pharmacist] doesn’t. If you have a problem, you talk to me, not him.
Customer: Well, he listens better than you guys do, you always screw it up.
(At this point, our manager has had it with this guy as he keeps ranting about”poor service” and “us trying to kill him”. He often complains about how a different pharmacy does prescriptions faster than us, so she uses this info to her advantage.)
Manager: I’m sorry you feel that way. Do you want us to send your prescriptions to [other pharmacy chain]? Since yesterday you said that they do prescriptions quicker, maybe we should just put them there.
(Customer is obviously upset at us calling his bluff, and he’s noticabely deflated instantly. he argues a little more, not half as bad before)
Customer: You’re lucky my sister isn’t here. She’d bust you guys! ( Note: This guy is in his 50s. Pulling the relation card is nothing short of pathetic. He walks off at this point, without prescriptions.)
Me: It’s ok, that guy’s always a jerk.
Manager: If he’s not going to listen to us trying to help, he can go somewhere else. If he doesn’t want to listen, that’s his problem.
(At this point, a co-worker comes back from her break)
Co-worker: I just ran into [Customer]. He was really p****** off, what happened?
(we relate what happened to her, including the sister threat. Everyone is a bit relieved at the idea this guy won’t be coming back soon, and manager gains a new level of respect.)
Co-worker: I’m sure if we do get a cal from his sister, she’s going to be the one apologizing and transfer the prescriptions. (It’s been over a month, and we haven’t seen the guy since)