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It’s a slow day, and I was called over to the Customer Service desk to talk with the managers. While I’m talking, a bagger comes over to me and says I have a customer. I immediately go over to assist the woman. The Customer Service desk is maybe 15 feet away from my register, easily within view. The woman starts talking before I can even say a word.
Customer: Are you open?
Me: Yes I am.
Customer: Well, your light was on, so I assumed you were open, but you weren’t here.
I look over at the Customer Service desk and open my mouth to explain where I was, but she keeps going on about how I should stay at my post. I try and ring her up as fast as possible. She got three boxes of frozen pizza and one was ripped open sightly. I notice this and I try to tell her before she interrupts me again.
Customer: Is that pizza box open?
Me: Yes it is-
Customer: You should ALWAYS tell the customer when the product is damaged. (to bagger) Go get me another one!
The bagger runs and grabs her another pizza since I had already rung it through and she didn’t want to void it. She glared at me while I finished ringing up her things and while she paid. I was already having a bad day and I felt like crying after this.