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I work for a nationally known cell phone company as an authorized retailer. A mom and son walk in because the is wanting to ugprade his phone. After asking some questions and figuring out which phone he wants, I walk them over to a computer to access the account and start the upgrade. This followed:

Me: Can you please give me your phone number, [son?]

Son: Sure. It’s [number.]

Me: Thank you for that.

I then ask for his ID which he hands to me. I notice he’s not the account holder or an authorized user on the account.

Me: I’m sorry, but for protection and privacy purposes, I am not allowed to make any changes to this account because you’re not authorized for changes. I need to see the account holder in order to access this account.

Son: Oh, well, I’ll call him! [Son calls his dad, and then hands me the phone]

Me: Hi, [Dad!] My name is [name] and I was just explaining to your wife and son that for the protection and privacy of your account, I can’t access it unless you come in or you can call customer service to add one of them so that I can assist them.

Dad: How do I call them?

Me: 611 from your cell phone.

Dad: I don’t have a phone with [company.] Only my wife and my son do.

Me: No problem! So Customer Care can assist you with adding an authorized user. Their number is [number.]

Dad: DON’T TALK TO ME LIKE I’M STUPID, OKAY?! ALL YOU’RE DOING IS PISSING ME OFF. Hand the phone back to my son, because you’re really making me mad! I WANT TO TALK TO MY SON NOW!

So I hand the phone back to the son, and I can hear the dad yelling over the phone and the mom and son just walk out.

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