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(I work in a really small café wich offer, among other stuff, a large selection of gluten free, dairy free and vegan cakes)

Me: Good morning! What can I get you?
Customer: Is your soup of the dairy free?
Me: Yes, there is just (list all the ingredients)
Customer: Are you sure? I’m terribly allergic to dairy, it would be really bad if I were to eat some!!
Me: I made the soup this morning myself so don’t worry!
Customer: Ok then. Can I have a soup and a soya latte?
(After eating her soup and drinking her coffee the lady returns to the counter)
Customer: I think I’ll treat myself to some cake now!
Me: Sure! We have a very good selection of dairy free cakes, this is a…
Customer: No thank you! I want the mango and cream cake!
Me: B-But….there is milk in there…and butter…and A LOT of whipped cream…
Customer: Ooo it’s not a big deal dear, can I have one slice to take away as well?

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