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(I am working returns during a busy day. Note that our return policy is printed in large text on a sign above my head, on three smaller signs on the returns desk, on a customer’s receipt, and on a sign at every register.)
Customer:I gotta exchange these shoes, they don’t fit my kid.
Me:Certainly sir. May I see your receipt?
Customer:I ain’t got it. I’m just exchanging, I don’t want money back!
Me:That’s alright sir, how did you pay? If you used a card, I can look up the purchase with that.
Me:Ok, did you use your rewards membership? I can look it up that way as long as it was within 30 days.
(The customer agrees and I type in his rewards. Unfortunately, the purchase isn’t showing up.)
Me: I’m sorry sir, but I cannot find the purchase. You’ll have to try and find the receipt as we cannot do an exchange or refund otherwise.
(The customer becomes irate and demands to see my manager. I turn to help the next customer in line while she explains our policy to him. I still catch most of the conversation, however)
Customer: Where is your d*** policy? I want to see it!
(My manager points to the numerous signs. The customer reads it loudly as though desperate to prove we have to take his item. When he doesn’t find a loophole, I finally hear this gem)
Customer:Ok, then what if I leave these here and go get the other shoes and walk out with them? You get your stuff back, and I get the size I need. It’s the same item, it won’t mess up your inventory!(This isn’t true because two of the same items in a different size have two separate UPC codes.)
Manager:Sir, that would be stealing and we have you on camera.
(The customer grabs the shoes and storms out swearing.)