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I work the Friday and Saturday overnights. Those are the only nights that we have the lobby open after 12am. About 1am on a Saturday, we had a big crowd come through lobby and drive thru. Most people waited no more than 6 minutes since everything is made cook to order. After our rush, my manager shuts down the system to close out the business day and start a new one. This is about 2am. As we are closing the system down, a guy with an Australian accent comes in.
When I came up to him, I say in the sweetest voice I can muster, “Hi sir. I’m sorry for the inconvenience but we are closing the system down so we can’t take orders at the moment.”
“But this is McDonald’s. You are open 24/7. Says so on the door coming in.” At this point I smell be on him.
“Yes it does sir but again I’m sorry but we are closing the system down so we can’t take orders till it is back up.”
“But this is McDonald’s. You guys love my money”
“Sir again I’m sorry but we can’t take your order.”
I go on like this for another few minutes before I call my manager up.
In her sweetest voice as well “Hi sir. Sorry but we can not take any orders while the system is down.”
“But this McDonald’s says it can take my money at any time of the night” very stubbornly and voice starting to come up.
The same conversation that I had, my manager was having but the guy added some anger to his voice.
After another 5 minutes of conversation, my manager and everyone walked away. The guy ended up shouting to us as we walk to the back. “I will get you all fired!”
Sure enough we all still have our jobs.