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I am driving a bus between a remote suburb and the city central. En route to the city I pick up a bunch of tourists, all soaking wet after the recent heavy rainfall.
Lady: “You going downtown?”
Me. “Yes”
Lady: “Excellent!”
*Drops two adult and one child fare into the pay box, but they are three adults and two kids. Since they were tourists and soaking wet, I let it slide.*
As we near downtown, they are getting louder and taking over most of the passenger cabin by themselves or by hanging wet clothes all over the seats, causing puddles on the floor of the bus. This, unfortunately, causes an elderly gentleman to fall over a few stops later. (He is OK by the way.)
We finally get to the city central transit, where a row of passengers are waiting to board the bus. As I open the back doors (to let passengers out) and front door (to let passengers in), the tourist lady scrambles up front to my booth.
Lady: “Oh miss, we need to transfer to another bus.”
Me. “Ok?”
Lady: “So, we need transfer tickets.”
Me: “Well, if you needed transfer tickets, you should have stated so when you boarded the bus in the first place.”
Lady: “But we need transfer tickets! Can’t you just give us some?!”
Me: “No, I cannot, since it against the rules after X amount of time, which is why we state that you should ask for transfer tickets when you board the bus.”
*By now the passengers (and myself) are getting irritated at the lady, for she is not only holding up the line of paying passengers trying to get in the bus, but also the bus’ time schedule*
Me: “If you need tickets, go to [grocery store] over there and get some new tickets. I cannot give you transfer tickets.”
Lady: “But we are new here and did not know about this!”
Me: “I’m sorry, but I cannot give you tickets—”
Lady: “But the bus driver we were with before was able to print them just fine!”
Me: “So, you did “not know of this”, but still asked another bus driver for tickets? Lady, go to [grocery store] that is literally OVER THERE in plain sight and get NEW tickets.”
Lady: “So, they will give us our transfer tickets?”
At this point I was facepalming so hard that a co-worker who overheard the whole thing just shoo-ed them off and let me get on with my job.

95% of tourists here are absolutely excellent. Then there are the other 5% that just…. >_<

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