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(I work for a car breathalyzer company. As you may know there are many products other than alcoholic beverages that contain alcohol. Since people with court ordered breathalyzers are at a lowered limit we advise to look at ingredients lists to avoid failed readings)
Customer : hi so your device is messed up it’s saying I am failing.
Me: I’m sorry to hear that, the device pics of any type of alcohol including those in food products and even non-alcoholic beverages have you consumed anything in the last 15 to 20 minutes other than water?
Customer : yeah I was eating a Clif Bar
Me: well a lot of food products and contain small amounts of alcohol we advised to look at the ingredients list to determine if a product has alcohol.
Customer: on the back it says it has “sugar alcohol” but that’s not alcohol that’s sugar alcohol. You can’t count this!
Me: unfortunately sugar alcohol and alcohol, like an alcoholic beverages do contain the same molecule and that’s why it’s picked up by the device and there’s not a way around that I do apologize.
Customer screams at me for 20 minutes about how sugar alcohol isn’t alcohol and eventually hangs up

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