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I work in a very busy retail store, with back to college going on it’s been all hands on deck. I usually work in our human resources department but today it’s been especially busy so I helped answer the phones.
Me: Hi! Thanks for calling [street address & company name] can I help you find something?
Customer: Yes I’m looking for the location on 1121 [street name]
Me: Hmmm…I’m not too familiar with that store, I’m pretty sure we’re the only store on this street. But I’m gonna put you on hold to verify, is that okay?
Customer: Yes that’s fine.
Me: [gets information from coworker about street address and phone number] hello, sir are you still there?
Customer: Do these cookies have extra sugar in them? [clearly carrying on another conversation]
Me: Sir? Sir? Sir? [hangs ip]
Coworker: What was that about?
Me: He wanted directions and a number to the other location but when I took him off of hold he was having a discussion with someone else so I hung up.
Phone rings again.
Me: Hi! Thanks for calling [street address & company] can I help you find something?
Customer: Hi, I was just on the phone with you and I’d like your corporate number.
Me: Certainly! Let me get it from our store manager. Please hold again?
Me: Hey [store managers name] can I get the number to our corporate office?
Store Manager: Sure, why? What’s going on?
Me: This guest is upset I “hung up on him” even though he was having a conversation with someone else.
Store Manager: [rolls eyes] whatever. [gives me bumber]
Me: Hi sir! Thanks for waiting again! Here’s the corporate number.
Customer: Thank you. I’m going to complain about how people keep hanging up on me!
Me: I apologize sir….[hears click] he hung up on me!
Store Manager: Some people are just never happy…

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