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I’m on vacation with a group tour in Budapest. To tour parliament, you have to purchase tickets for a time (9:00, 10:00 for example), and return to turnstiles. You are then escorted by a guide to a waiting room, and then given a tour. We are waiting at the turnstiles with our guides but the security guard isn’t letting us through.

Guide #1: *To guide #2 who speaks Hungarian* Is something wrong?

Guide #2: Oh no, she just said there are too many people waiting in the waiting room and it needs to clear out a little.

Our group, and everyone else in line, are patiently waiting to be let when I hear a man grumble behind me to his wife.

Man: This is ridiculous. I’m not waiting for this. Look, there’s no wait for that other turnstile.

Next thing I know, the man is jumping over the turnstile that is clearly not in order (there’s no security guard at it and it’s light isn’t green like the other). Keep in mind, this in an active parliament with plenty of Hungarian soldiers protecting their government, and they don’t hesitate to charge the man and push him back. Amazingly, the man doesn’t really back off even when the soldiers with guns are yelling at him and continues to push through.

Security guard: Sir! You can’t go through that way! Go back to your spot in line now.

Luckily for the man, the security guard was able to calm the soldiers down enough for them to let the man to rejoin his wife. But by the look on her face, she looked like she would have been happy to leave.

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