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(After a fairly long flight, I’m in line to pick up a rental car. When I reach the front of the line, a worker calls me over to some of the self-service terminals. At first, the terminal would read my driver’s license, and then it rejected my credit card. After fiddling with the machine for around ten minutes, the worker directed me to go stand in the priority member line, so they can try and help me at the counter. A man pipes up from the regular line.)

Man: If you go in front of me, we’re going to have a problem.

(I ignored him. After a few seconds, he spoke up again.)

Man: You think you’re better than me, so you can just cut in front of me?

(At that point, I lost my temper, largely because of worry that I was going to be strandeddd in the airport with no way of making the three-hour drive I had ahead of me.)

Me: I have been here for almost fifteen minutes at this point. I got pulled out of that line when I got to the front, spent ten minutes trying to get my card to work on the terminals over there, and then got sent back over here. So, I don’t care what problems you have. You’ve been here two minutes, you can wait a minute more.

Man: *sputtering* Well, I haven’t seen you. I gueess you’re supposed to be on the terminal. I don’t know.

(At that point, the man at the counter called me up. I turned back to the man.)

Me: *bowing and sweeping my arm out* Go ahead. If it is such an imposition, I can be patient and wait for you to go ahead of me.

Man: *scowls and shakes his head, but doesn’t say anything*

(I then turned and walked up to the counter. The worker managed to put my card through with no issue, and I headed out to pick up my car. As I walked away, I heard the worker at the counter tell the man that he was actually supposed to be at a different counter.)))