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I work in a grocery store in downtown Vancouver. Our store closes at 9:00pm and today there was a lady there five minutes after closing and she comes up to my till

Lady: Can I just leave my stuff here while I go grab something?
Me: Sure.
Lady: That other cashier was so pushy when I asked her that.
I then proceed to explain to her we’ve been closed for five minutes…which would explain the my coworker being pushy.
Lady: I’ve shopped her everyday and I know you guys will get out of here on time.
-Then runs off to get her item (It’s peanut butter) and I scan her items and double bag them (because she will ask me to)
Lady: You know you’re very rude and there’s something called customer service. It’s only 9:05pm, you’re going to leave on time. (I think we’re already 5 minutes behind schedule. How are we going to leave on time?)

I try to explain to her that we’re closed and that we (the staff are ALL waiting for her to leave because we need to cash up and clean up)

Lady: I’m spending $30 here and you should try to please the customer first. i come here everyday and spend lots of money. I’m spending $30 ok?

Me: Your total is $30.70

She pays with her debit card

Lady: Double bag my stuff.

Me: Its already double bagged.

Lady: Double bag my items!! (She’s very frustrated at this point)


She leaves and while she’s leaving she compaint to manager who lets her out of the store.