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I pulled up to put gas in my car. There are only two pumps available but this station has the cheapest gas and it is not to far from my house. I attempt to pay using my debit card. It tells me to go inside. I go inside and tell the attendant that I would like $20 on pump 3. I go back out and proceed to get my gas. It comes out to $19.00. Unsure of what to do, I decide to pull my car around so I can let the next person get gas. I realize at that moment, my keys are in my locked car. So I laugh at myself and proceed to go into the gas station and ask about my $1.00 and if I can use a phone because I locked my keys in my car. The attendant tells me that since I paid with debit card it will only take out the $19.00 even though I prepaid with $20.00. I then ask him if I can use the phone because I locked my keys in my car. He says “Yeah, you can use the phone but you need to pull your car around because it is a busy time for me.” I looked at him, shocked, and respond with “I locked my keys in my car. I can’t pull it around. I’m calling someone to come bring my keys, I live less than 5 minutes away.” He says “Okay, but it’s a busy time for me.” I just hand him back the phone and walk out. I stand by my car and then decide to approach the person waiting behind me, wanting to use the pump. Thankfully, the person waiting understood and wasn’t upset since there was a line for the second pump as well.