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A woman aged at around 40 came to pick up her prescription. I asked for the last name so I could find her in the system. It was a long complex last name, and our system requires full perfect spelling for it to bring it up. She spelled it out slowly and condensing like. I brushed it off and got her prescription from our bin. When I walk back to the counter she throws a coupon at me. I had noticed her prescription was already billed to insurance AND coupon, so I ask her what’s it for.
She rudely says “if you read it, you’d know.”
Me: “the reason I ask is because there is already a coupon applied.”
She says, “Oh, well it must’ve been automatically applied.” (That isn’t possible, we bill them like insurance and it is somewhat a long process, especially when it’s a coordination of benefits).
I say nothing to that and ask her to type in the last 4 digits of her phone number as one of our verification methods.
Rudely again, she snaps “why would I do that?”
I say: “If you want your perscription, you must verify your number.”
Woman: “Well that’s an invasion of my privacy.”
Me: “it’s to ensure the perscription goes to the correct person.”
She reluctantly agrees and she dramatically covers the pin pad all while grumbling as it as if it was a debit pin. (Note: her perscription is in my hand and it contains her full name, address, and the full phone number she partially typed.)
She then begins to make small talk as she hands me her cash. I give her the change, and she stands at the counter staring at the receipt and recounting her change for literally 15 minutes. (Me and my coworkers counted.)
Since I am fairly new, my coworkers explained that she is notorious for being rude. When she comes through drive through, apparently she doesn’t speak a single word. She just throws her credit card into the drawer and expects us to know that she’s picking up.)