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*I have just finished hanging out with my friend and I walk her to work at a chocolate store which also sells gelato. The store is right around the corner from my house and I often wait at the bus stop out front*

Me: I’ve always wanted to come in here. Maybe the next time I feel like a treat.

Friend: *walks behind the counter* Want to sample some? I can give you a spoon. *this is a common practice and within store policy*

Me: Yeah! Can I try the salted caramel?

*Friend sets up the station and gets a spoon*

Me: I love salted caramel. I actually made my own caramel corn a few weeks ago. It wasn’t that hard to do. *I stopped talking because a customer walked in and I left with my sample*
Well, see you later!

Customer: *As I leave I can hear the customer say to my friend* Finally! Maybe you should pay attention to actual paying customers instead of giving your friends free stuff.