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(I’m a cashier for a hardware store and an older guy comes up to me with a return)

*Cashier* Hello, how may I help you today?

*Customer* I’d like to return these products

*Cashier* Sure, Sir (I scan all his products and the machine prompts me for his I.D.) Sir can I please see your I.D.

(at this point the customer pulls his I.D. out and shows it to me through his wallet)

*Cashier* Can you please take your I.D. out of your wallet.

*Customer* You can see my Drivers License number through the wallet I don’t need to take it out*

*Cashier* Can you please take it out Sir, I can’t see the expiration date through your wallet is covering it.

*Customer* Type in my f***ing drivers license number so I can go.

*Cashier* I can’t unless you take it out sir.

*Customer* I don’t want you to touch it.

*Cashier* Then I can’t process the return

(finally he admits the license is expired and it is against store policy for me to accept it so I tell him to get another form of I.D and he pulls out a paper I.D.)

*Cashier* I can’t accept paper I.D’s

*Customer* Call your manger your clearly confused

To my displeasure manager approves the I.D. just to shut the guy up.