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(I’m working in the front end of the pharmacy on the evening shift. It’s been pretty slow, and most of the customers around this time are pretty low matinence, so I’m pretty much just recalling a script.)

Customer: *Swipes his card, then begins struggling to get out his ID*

(Unless the register prompts us, we’re not required to see ID, so I interupt)

Me: “Oh, I don’t need to see your ID.

Customer: “Yes you do.” *Presents his card to me; in lue of a signature, he’s written ‘See ID’* “Personal safety, bub.”

(I humored him and examined the card and ID, and let him on his way. This ‘See ID’ thing has become somewhat common recently, but his cocky comment about ‘Personal safety’ really irked me. If anyone unathorized had actually been using his card, I wouldn’t have asked for ID. In fact, I wouldn’t have even had the opportunity to see the signature space, as the customers swipe their own cards. He’s just making it harder for himself for no reason!)

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