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So, I was working grill one night and this guy came through the drive thru and ordered a chicken sandwich with extra mayo. I will admit to forgetting to add the extra mayo. Later, we get a call:

Manager: “Thank you for calling (town) Dairy Queen, this is (manager) may I help you?

Customer: “I asked for extra f-king mayo, but I don’t want a g-d d-md tablespoon! Every f-king time I come here…” (Hr continues to cuss at my manager)

Manager: “Sir, I understand that you are upset and I would like to help resolve this, but there is no need to swear at me.”

Customer: “Don’t you f-king tell me what to f-king do! I have kids! I can to whatever the f-k I want and you can’t tell me what to do, you f-king b-tch!…” (This also continued on for a while. MY manager didn’t say a word until he stopped for a breath)

Manager: “I’m sorry you feel that way, have a pleasant night.” *click*