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(I’ve just started working at a phone kiosk in a store that requires a membership to get in. Often the store does promotions on phone upgrades as an incentive to buy directly from the store. We sell phones for major carriers but we are a third party seller and not responsible if something goes wrong after our 90 day return policy. I’ve just finished handling two complicated sales when a woman comes up to me.)
Customer: The battery on my phone isn’t working. Can you fix it for me?
Me: Which phone do you have?
Customer: (specific phone).
Me: I’m sorry but the battery life on those phones are notoriously bad. You might need to call the phone company directly about your warranty.
Customer: But you sold me the phone last year!
Me: Then you have a one year warranty if something goes wrong, call the phone company.
Customer: But the guy who sold me the phone didn’t handle the transaction right! It was a young guy who looked like him….he did it!
(She points to my coworker who did not start working at the kiosk until way after she bought the phone)
Me: Ma’am the people who were working at the kiosk last year are not working here anymore. They were fired for being bad employees. I’m sorry if they did not handle the sale correctly but the kiosk is under new management and there is nothing we can do.
Customer: Well it’s the same kiosk so you have to fix it. It’s your fault!
Me: Like I said the people who worked here before were already fired. It is after our 90 day return policy and we can’t fix their mistakes. Furthermore the battery on your phone has been proven to have problems. You need to call the phone company about you warranty.
Customer: Well you should fix it because I bought it here and it’s your fault!
(She stormed away muttering about our incompetence)
Me (to my coworker): What did she expect? A free phone?
Coworker: People just assume because they bought a membership that’s cheaper than Amazon prime that they can get more shit out of us. They’re lucky we give them these promotions at all.