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(I work as a kennel assistant at a veterinary hospital. My job is mostly walking dogs, cleaning, feeding, basic grooming, and otherwise wrangling our patients. The receptionists give us a buzz when they need somebody to come up front to get a pet that’s boarding or being groomed.)

Receptionist: *as I’m approaching* We’ve got a nail trim.

(In the lobby, an owner is holding a puppy and hands her to me.)

Owner: This is [Dog]. Nails as short as possible, please!

(I carry the puppy back towards Treatment, where we have medical and grooming setups, and one of the vet techs is available to help cut nails while I hold the puppy.)

Vet Tech: *examining the puppy’s feet* Hmm, this dog doesn’t even need its nails trimmed, look.

(She turns one foot so I can see the nail is worn down from walking, with about two millimeters of nail before the quick – in short, the puppy has the ideal nails already. I take her back up to her owner.)

Me: [Dog] didn’t even need a trim, her nails are already really short.

Owner: Wait, really?

Me: *shows her the dog’s nail from the side* That pink area there is the quick. We can’t take any more nail off without it hurting.

Owner: Okay… Oh, I think one of her nails was splitting. Can you have a look at that?

(We hadn’t noticed a problem, but we hadn’t examined all eighteen toes individually. I quickly made eye contact with one of the receptionists before responding.)

Me: That’s really something you should have a doctor look at.

Owner: Really?

Receptionist: If you come over here, I can see if there’s a doctor available to have a quick look!

Owner: *wanders over to receptionist*

(The whole encounter was a bit exasperating, but we’ve seen some ridiculous things at the vet. Some people just seem oblivious about matted fur, seeping infections, jaundice, or even what constitutes a medical emergency!)