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(I work in a popular ice cream shop which typically has a lot of customers, especially in the summer. It’s been a long day and my brain is only properly comprehending how to scoop up ice cream.)

Customer: *walks in with his son, orders ice cream*

Me: *rings him up, total is $4.20*

Me: That’ll be four-twenty, please!

Customer: *hands me a ten dollar bill*

Me: *begins getting his change*

Customer: Oh! Here’s twenty cents!

By now I’m sorta peed off because he was a little bit rude in the beginning of when he came in, but I took the twenty cents hesitantly, dropped all of my change, and oddly enough, could not figure out what the heck I owe him. I pick up a five dollar bill and a dollar, and try to hand it to him.

Customer: Oh, no, no, the dollar is extra. It’s okay! It’s been a long day, don’t worry!

Me: … Okay! Have a nice day, sir. *I put the dollar back*

Five minutes later, guess who comes back?

Customer: Hey. You said the ice cream was four twenty, right?

Me: Yes, sir.

Customer: And I gave you ten twenty.

Me: *knowing where this is going* Yes, sir.

Customer: So you owe me..?

Me: *is kinda baffled with the fact that he’s testing my math skins on a burning hot day while there are customers waiting* Uh…

Customer: Hmm? *awkward silence* You owe me a dollar!

Me: Oh, I’m sorry, sir. It’s been a long day. Give me just a moment!

I walk over to my coworker who is working the register at the moment, and I open the register with the key right when she finishes. I grab the dollar and give it to the guy. He seemed really upset with the fact that I tried to give him his change at first and he didn’t take it.

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