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(I work at a shop that specializes in meat sandwiches. We don’t have a grill, and thus we do not have grilled anything, so no burgers. I’m the one on headset at the drive thru and taking orders when this customer drives up.)
Customer: *with a foreign accent* Hello.
Me: Hi, welcome to [Restaurant]! What can I get for you!
Customer: *after about a ten second pause* I’m having trouble finding the hamburgers on your menu.
Me: I’m sorry, we don’t have hamburgers.
Customer: *ignoring me* What about that classic roast beef? Is that the hamburger? What comes on it?
Manager: *jumps in with her headset* Sir, we don’t have hamburgers here.
Customer: *only hearing the ‘hamburger’ part* Yes, I’d like three hamburgers!
Manager: We do NOT have hamburgers here.
Customer: You don’t?
Both me & manager: No.
Customer: Oh. Okay.
(They drove off without another word. This happens more often with tourists than I’d like to admit.)