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(I’m helping a customer email a file from her ipad to our self serve copiers)

Me: Ok, so now check your email, and there should be a code to use on the copiers so you can get your file.

(Customer pulls her phone out of her purse)

Me: No, you can just check it on your ipad.

Customer: But you said to check my email

Me: Right. But you have email on your ipad; we just used it to email the file over

Customer: No, but it’s my husband’s email on the ipad. my email is on my phone.

Me: … ok, but we used the ipad to send the the email

Customer: Yes, but if I need to check my email, it’s on my phone.

Me: But if we used your ipad to send the email then it used your husband’s email

Customer: Yes.

Me: Then that’s the email it would reply to. It doesn’t know your email address.

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