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I just got off of work when I went to talk to one of my friends about my upcoming 21st birthday party.
Me: (talking to my friend) just so you know, there are probably gonna be a lot of people that want me to try different things, so I’ll probably be feeling pretty good.
An older woman then approaches us because she had apparently been listening to our conversation.
Woman: I really don’t appreciate you talking like that! It’s one thing to do it in private but that is very inappropriate and you shouldn’t be talking about that in public!! I’m going to report you, what’s your name?!
I then proceed to ignore her
Woman: What is your name?!?!
Me: (I look at her, obviously annoyed) I’m off the clock…
Woman: I don’t care! I’m still reporting you! I’ll just describe you!
She then storms off
I find my immediate manager and let her know what had just happened
Manager: You were off the clock. You can talk about what you want on your own time!
Me:1 Cranky Old Lady:0