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I work at a cafe store and during this time I am working up front. A woman and a young girl come to the counter. The woman has an accent but I can understand her completely. However, the young girl begins the order for the woman.

Young girl: hello my mom wants to get the vanilla coffee
Me: okay well we have many vanilla coffees, do you know if she’ll want it hot or iced?
Young girl: she wants iced
Me: okay and did she want the vanilla ice coffee or the vanilla cream cold brew?
Young girl: idk it’s just a vanilla coffee. What’s hard to understand about that?
Me: well we have many variations so I’m just making sure we’ll be getting you the right one.
Young girl: I guess the vanilla cream one
Woman: what is your medium size called
Me: that would be our grande
Woman: what does that look like?
( goes over and grabs a cup to show her and comes back not even 10 seconds later)
Me: this is what it looks like
Woman: what what looks like? What is that?
Me: uhh… It’s out grande size?
Woman: …. Well what one is 2.75?
Me: the grande in the sweet cream is 3.75 and the talk is not much less
Young girl: no she doesn’t want that she wants coffee
Me: yes that is coffee. It’s our cold brew with a special cream. That’s what you had said she wanted right?
Woman: no I want iced vanilla coffee. 2.75 only
(I looked at the board behind me that she kept pointing at, which is just an iced coffee that you can add sweetener and cream to if you like.)
Me: *to young girl* did she want the sweet cream like you said or just an ice coffee with vanilla?
Young girl: I told you already. The vanilla coffee.
Woman: yea vanilla coffee.
Me: okay well I will assume you want the iced coffee with vanilla, and did you want cream?
Woman: with out cream will it be dark?
Me:…. Yes.
Woman: then put it. And that’s it.
(She wasn’t the most difficult customer I’ve had to deal with but it can be very frustrating)

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