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I’m a receptionist at a car dealer but I usually ride my motorbike in to work. One day I’m getting into my armoured gear ready to go home and a couple of co-workers are wolf-whistling and giggling at me. (Note that my gear goes OVER my regular clothes, at no point have I undressed.) As far as we’re aware the showroom is empty since most staff have already gone.Next day the Sales Manager has the following conversation…
Manager: So that model will be £X on the road
Customer: Well [other dealer] can do it for less than that. What are you going to give me for the poor service I received?
Manager: When was this?
Customer: When I came in last night the girl on reception was trying on a new pair of trousers and two other girls laughed at me. It’s disgraceful!
Manager: (trying not to laugh himself) Our receptionist was just putting on her protective motorcycle gear, and I’m sure the other girls were laughing at her, not you.
Customer: Oh no, they were laughing at me. I can tell!
Not sure how she could “tell” since she was so far away from us we didn’t know she was there – and she still didn’t get her discount! Mind you I did have to explain to several co-workers who only got half the story that no, I was not in trouble for stripping at my desk…