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(I work at a Lasertag place and we serve a variety of consessions; one of them being a slushie. We have a deal that if you buy a family pack for $75 you can get 4 games of Lasertag with pizza and a soda or slush puppie. However slush puppies are not refillable and sodas are)

*A couple of boys walk up to the counter*
Me: Hi! How can I help you today?

One of the boys: Could we get a refill on our slushies?

Me: Unfortunatly, we cannot give refills on our slush puppies. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

(The boys walk away and go get a man that I presume was their dad. He grabs a brochure from the front counter and slaps it on the table)

Dad: Could these boys get a refill on their slushies? We got the package deal.

Me: I’m sorry but as I said before we cannot give refills on slush puppies. The package deal only allows for you to get a refillable soda or just one slush puppie.

Dad: *points to a spot on the brochure* It says they’re refillable. *Angrily walks out*

(Our brochure spells out specifically what people can get now.)