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I am working at a local grocery store that is known for its Customer Service. At the Customer Service counter there is also a side part for getting dry cleaning done. I am standing under the Customer Service portion waiting for another customer to need help when a little girl runs up to my counter.
Little Girl: I need a bag!
Me: Oh, a grocery bag? *I pull out a grocery bag from under the counter and hold it out to her. She looks at it confused*
Little Girl: No, that’s not it. My mom sent me up here for a bag.
Me: Well, this is the only bag I have, the Ziplock bags are on isle 10 if that’s what she means.
*the little girl considers this but shakes her head no. She decides to go ask her mom. A few moments later a lady comes up with the little girl and stands under the dry cleaning area.*
Girls Mom: *with an annoyed voice* Excuse me, I sent my daughter up here to get a bag.
Me: Yes, I offered her a grocery bag but she said that wasn’t what you wanted?
Girls Mom: Of course that’s not what I want! Its for Laundry! The ladies ALWAYS give me a bag for my laundry!
Me: *It clicks in my head what she wants. We usually wait for the customers to bring their laundry to us, and then we bag it, but we can give the bag to the customer if they want.* OH! The laundry bag! Of course, here you go. *I hold out one of the laundry bags to her but she just looks at it. Finally she looks back at me with a nasty smirk*
Girls mom: NO! That’s not what I want! The BIG bags! I have a very heavy, and expensive, comforter to bring in! *I tuck the bag away wondering what the cost of the item had to do with it*
Me: Well, we only have one size laundry bag. We do have large trash bags we put our larger items in, is that what you usually get?
Girls Mom: *No angry and yelling at me* NO! I don’t want a trash bag! I want a large laundry bag! Do you understand? A Large Laundry bag!!
Me: Like I said, we only have the one laundry bag…
Girls Mom: Get me your Manager. You obviously have no clue what your doing. *I call my manager and stand in awkward silence until she arrives. My Manager walks up and asks me directly whats going on*
Girls Mom: *not letting me answer* I need a large laundry bag for my expensive comforter in my car! I get them all the time from the other ladies and this is not a WEIRD request! *She looks at me accusingly. My manager just looks at her for a moment, then turns to me.*
Manager: Do you have a large laundry bag?
Me: I have only one laundry bag *Shows Manager* and then the large trash bags. *The girls mom just stares expectantly at my manager.*
Manager: I can get you one of the large trash bags if you want? *Before I can tell her I have them under the counter, she takes off to get one from the back. I stand in another awkward silence until my manager comes back up and gives the lady the trash bag.*
Girls mom: SEE?! This is what I wanted! Was this so hard?” She leaves to get her comforter and I look dumbfounded at my manager.*
Manager: So that was a WEIRD request? *She laughed and walked away leaving me fuming and confused.
Me: but, I, I offered that, and then….. oh whatever!