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I work at a small business. As such, we only need one person on shift and take breaks as needed. The store is clear so I finally get to lock up shop for few minutes so that I may use the facilities. I’ve already locked the door, put my ‘Back in 5’ sign up, and start heading to the back when I hear loud knocking. I return to the door to find a woman standing there.

Me: Hello! Please allow me a few minutes to use the restroom. This is the first time I’ve been able to take a break in awhile. I will be right…
Customer: No! I just drove an hour to get this item that I need. My husband is sitting in the car right there and I am not getting a parking ticket because you don’t want to do your job.
Me: I understand your frustration, but it will only take me a couple of minutes and I will let you in. I can’t leave you in the store unattended and I really need to…
Customer: You can pee yourself for all I care. SO WHAT?! I’m pregnant.
Me: I’m sorry. Come back in 5 minutes.

I lock the door and resume to the back. As I’m walking away, I can hear her shouting obscenities.

I come back in less then 5 minutes and reopen my doors. Her car was nowhere in sight. 10 minutes later, she storms through the door.

Customer: I am looking for this particular item! I need you to grab it for me immediately! I’m in a hurry!
Me: I’m very sorry, but I don’t sell that item.
Customer: WHY NOT?!
Me: It’s just not a particular item we sell here. Maybe I can help you find…
Customer: NO! Go look in the stockroom! You should have it!
Me: I can promise you we do not have any extra backstock.
Customer: You mean to tell me that I drove all the way here for nothing! You are completely useless!

She then proceeds to throw a few brochures off the counter and then exits in a fury.

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