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(I work in a well-known Dutch store. We have an ATM-machine in our store, which is not owned by the shop itself. The receipt-printer of the ATM was broken so we had to wait a few days for the company of the ATM-machine to repair it. The machine automatically gives a message each time someone is getting money that they can’t get a receipt.
The warning message looks a lot like the message the machine gives when it asks if you want your receipt or not. A lot of the people don’t read the messages but just press No, so I put a note on the machine.)

Customer: The ATM doesn’t work. There is no money coming out!
Me: The machines receipt printer is broken and it asks you if you wanted to continue. Did you press the “No” button?
Customer: Yes, I don’t need a receipt!
Me: Sir, it asked you if you wanted to continue withdrawing money, so next time you just press Yes.
Customer: It didn’t, I’ll try again.

*He tries again and comes back to me.*

Customer: It isn’t working again.
Me: I’ll help you.

*While I’m standing watching him getting money from the machine (looking away while he enters his PIN ofcourse) he presses No when the machine gives the warning, so the transaction gets cancelled.*

Me: you have to press Yes, the machine doesn’t ask if you want a receipt, but if you want to continue.
Customer: the messages look to much alike! You need to change the warning, or just put up a sign!
Me: *pointing to the sign next to the screen, which explains everything very easy* there it is.
Customer: *shamefully tries the transaction again, this time with succes*