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I work for a popular fast food chain, and currently work the night shift drive thru. We have a regular customer who typically comes in the dining room and is constantly asking for refills. We don’t have a machine for the public so we have to make the refills behind the counter. Right now, our dining room is closed, so he went through the drive thru.

Customer: I’d like a value fry and a senior Diet Coke.

Me: *tells him the total, he pulls up and I take his money.*

He goes to the second window and gets his purchase. I notice he pulls into a parking space, and I get a feeling he’s going to try to get a free refill through the drive thru once he’s done. Sure enough, he pulls out and goes back through the drive thru, skipping ahead of someone with an order to ask for a refill (he does this in the dining room as well), which I deny him because we can’t give free refills in the drive thru.

Customer: I don’t understand, I’m always getting refills here.

Me: yes, in the dining room. However free refills can’t be done in the drive thru.

Customer: I don’t think it’s right. I paid for this drink.

Me: the drink was free, sir, it was a senior drink.

Customer: (very upset) well your manager will be hearing about this. I should get refills no matter where I go. (Drives off)

I never heard from him, and neither did my manager. I’m sure whoever is handling my shift tonight will have to deal with this all over again.