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A lady came into our subway and orders a coldcut combo on flat bread. My co-worker makes the whole sandwich and its time for the sauce. The lady asks for Vinaigrette but just a line so she put it on half and went back to put it on the other half and the lady said, “that’s way too much I said a line” so my Ashley told her the vinaigrette comes out kind of thick so she asks if she wants her to take off the meat and put a new one. She says, “no I want a whole new sandwich” so Ashley throws it out to start again. As my Ashley is grabbing the new bread the lady starts yelling, “you know what I don’t even want the sandwich anymore, you’re a rude little girl I want to talk to your manager now!” So my Ashley explains that there is not always a manager there and she could call him in the morning. She yells again “I don’t want to call him in the morning I want his personal number!” Ashley tells the lady that we are not allowed to give out his personal number and writes down the store number on a piece of paper. The lady steps back and calls the number and our store phone rings, of course, so I speak up and tell her “ma’am your calling the store phone” she hangs up and starts yelling again, “I said I want his personal number!” again we explain we can not give out his number. She steps back and proceeds to call other subways to get my managers number not knowing that all subways are franchises and they tell her that they do not have a number to our manager or corporate. Me and my coworker are standing behind the counter and I go to the back and call my manager and let him know what’s going on so he says I’ll call the store phone and let me talk to her. So he calls the first time and we have a bad connection second time I hand her the phone she proceeds to tell my manager, “Ashley is a rude little girl and I want her fired, and the other one too, they’re just laughing at me and are rude and Ashley thinks she’s gods gift to earth.” My manager is trying to calm her down and telling her that we are two of his best workers and he isn’t going to fire us she just keeps yelling at my manager and throws the phone at me and marches for the door as Ashley is cleaning the bane she starts calling Ashley an idiot and a rude little bitch and that she’s gonna get us fired. Nothing ever happened to Ashley and I. I never saw her again.