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(I work at a coffee shop where our new manger is really strict with the store policies. I’m usually really friendly and try to be as accommodating as I can with the customers, despite the strict rules. We have a new person on the register while I’m on bar.)

Customer: “Can I have a large mocha frap but can you split it in two medium cups with whipped cream on both?”

(New person hesitantly gets two medium cups.)

Me: “I’m sorry but due to company policy, I can’t split this drink for you but I can give you the two cups so you can do it yourself.”

(The customer mutters under her breath for the rest of the transaction and she goes to the hand off to wait for her drink. I can feel her staring at me as I’m giving drinks to other customers that were here before her. I finally finish her drink.)

Me: *smiling* “Your mocha frap is ready! Thank you so much!”

Customer: “Where is your manager?!”

(He happened to be right next to her, refilling the condoment bar.)

Manager: “That would be me. Is there a problem?”

Customer: “Yes, you need to talk to her about her addit

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