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(I worked for a liquor store for the past two years. It was a smaller one that had three cash registers on a single long counter, and normally one person would be on a register while the other stocks shelves or takes their break. Usually only two out of three registers are even being used. I was on a register when a woman approached the counter with two cases of beer at a closed register.)
Me: Oh, ma’am, I can actually help you over here!
Customer: Yeah? Well I’m standing over here.
(I smile, look at the customer for a brief second, and go over to that register and grab the beer. I take it to mine and ring it up at my own till. When I finished ringing her up the woman then threw her money on the counter, still at the wrong register. I go, grab it, and make change. The woman then finally approaches my till to get her change and sees that she can get the same beer, except in bottles, for much cheaper.)
Customer: Return these! I don’t want these anymore, give me the bottles instead.
(With a smile I returned the beer and rang up the bottles for her. She grabbed the new cases, leaving the original cases at my till. When she left the store I stopped smiling and let out a sigh, and my coworker popped out of the backroom.)
Coworker: Wow, what a b****.