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(I work at a members only lakeside park/campground and on days that are extra hot and sunny I sit in the shack by the gate to make sure that the whole town doesn’t try to flow in. The main way to keep it private is with our card reader; when at the shack I frequently put tape over it and draw an arrow and smilely face in order to make people actually talk to me. After my lunch one day I decided to write “No, it’s not broken. Pull forward.” Because I was getting tired of a frequent question. After a couple of cars have completely avoided what it says one car pulls up and with the lady laughing in the passanger seat.)

Husband: *shaking his head*

Wife: He saw it and the first thing he said was ‘is it broken?’!

Me: *chuckling* That’s why I eventually put that there.

(That my afternoon.)

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