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A lady brings her cat into the clinic for a vaccine. While in the exam room, she tells the Doctor the cat got out a week ago and seems to be feeling ill since. The doctor examines the cat and finds that he cat has a significant upper respiratory infection. The vet explains that the cat will need antibiotics and should definitely not be vaccinated until it’s feeling better. The owner is upset. “Well I want him to have he vaccine because he gets so stressed out in the car!” Vet: “Ma’am, he is not healthy enough to vaccinate. It will make him feel worse than he already does. He needs a course of antibiotics.” “There’s no way I can medicate him. Absolutely no way. He’s just so stressed out.” “We can give an injection, but it’s about double the cost of oral antibiotics.” “Oh well I’ll figure it out. Just give me the antibiotics.” The vet, surprised at this change of heart, took time to explain to the owner how important it was to give the antibiotics every day, twice a day. She also recommended a medication to help with the anxiety of traveling in a car- the owner declined it, and insisted she would give the antibiotic. The owner paid her bill, took the antibiotics, and left. She later called back to complain that the vet had swindled her and that all she wanted was a vaccine for her cat, and the vet just wanted to charge her more money. She wanted a refund for her antibiotics and for the exam. The receptionist declined to refund her for either one. I doubt that cat will get better.

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