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I was standing in front of our business smoking a cigarette. It helps to know that our business is selling materials to people who make signs. I am on the right side of a blocked door. There is a sign on the door that says “Not an Entrance” and another, with an arrow pointing left that says “Will Call Desk.” 5 yards (meters, to most of the world) to the left is a door marked “Will Call Desk.” All of the signs are red letters with black outline, on white background, and feature 8″ (20 cm) high copy.
A customer walked up and tried the knob on the door. When it didn’t open, he asked me brusquely ‘Where is your will call desk?” I answered “5 yards to your left, Sir.” He then said “You should think about getting some signage!” Thinking he was making a joke to cover his embarrassment, I laughed and agreed.
After I came back from break, my coworkers informed me that he was serious. He’d never seen any of the three signs, all at eye level. And he is a sign painter by trade.