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, | Unfiltered | May 25, 2020

One of our maintenance pool costumers complains about her’s green pool water,I called the technician who does the weekly maintenance, and found that the pool filling water comes from a duck pond. this is the conversation with the costumer.

Me- Ok, so I introduced chlorine in the pool, no one is allowed to swim for the next 42 hours, but I have to…
Costumer – Why, it’s summer I have children, This is unacceptable!
Me- Well as I was saying, the pool filling water comes from the duck pond next door, the water contains too much organic matter, we can not be responsible for the quality of water in the pool, as the filling water is too bad.
Costummer – Yes I know, I don’t care.
Me – You call [company] complaining about the water…
Costummer – Yes, you saw how the water was, it’s unacceptable.
Me – We Can Provide a good service if your water is that bad, I’m sorry but the water will be green every time you fill the pool to replace evaporation losses.
Costummer – I don’t care about the fill water.
Me – But you calling complaining about that?!
Costummer – Yes…
Me – Ok I’m canceling the maintenance, according to the sign the contract by both parties, the customer to provide the necessary conditions so that the technician can perform the maintenance, ie: water filling the pool in good condition and limpida, cleaning supplies, access to the site …. it was not fulfilled some of the conditions, so we can not provide good service as the customer wants. As information in the contract the service technician will clean your pool until the end of the month, but make it clear that not poedmos be responsible for the quality of water in this period, because the pool filling water is’t full of organic matter.
Me – But we do Madam, we aren’t going to be responsible for any disease or fungus that youcan get in the pool.
Costummer – Why are you doing this to me! It’s summer and I have kids! You are a f**** a*******! I will call all the newspapper and tell them the joke your company is!
Me – Madam, you can’t do that, It is illegal, if you have any complaints, should be done by the right means, in addition if you insist and proceed to complain to the media, I’m surely that you will receive a letter from our lawyer.
Costummer – Get out of my house! NOW! You are threatening me! I do not want to see your business here!
Me – Ok madam your maintenance will be suspended the rest of the month and canceled at the end of the month.
Costummer- WHAT!?You said you sent the man until the end of the month! This in the contract! And now he says that not anyone come here tomorrow ?!
Me – Yes, but since you don’t want to see our companny anymore, I assumer you don’t want the thecnician to come anymore.
Costummer NO!!!
Me – You can solve the problem let us fill the pool with the water company.
Costummer: NO!!!
Me – Ok Madam have a good day with your green water pool.

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