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I got morning shift (I just got off) and so many fucking rude ass people in the morning.

One dude got pissed because he didn’t get his hash browns. But he never asked for them, so he thinks he’s gonna get them for free. No bitch you gonna have to pay that extra cent. Then he’s like “I asked for a large iced coffee not a small.” But he did ask for an iced coffee anyway. And he’s like “It’s okay, I’ll let this go this time.” You better shove your coffee up your ass smh.

Then next this lady asks for a Vanilla Bean coolatta (I don’t care for spelling). One of the crew memebers makes it and I give it to her. She gives me a dirty look and is like “Why is it white? I want it yellow with two pumps of the vanilla bean.” Then with me trying to contain my anger I smile at her and tell her that there is two pumps in it. With the size there are two pumps. And she’s like “No there isn’t two pumps in there. I want it more yellow.” So I make it myself this time and it LOOKS THE FUCKING THE SAME AS THE ONE BEFORE. Another dirty look she gives me and drives off. Wtf she always does this. Always.

Now this one got me today: Some guy asked if we sell donuts. HE’S AT A FUCKING DUNKIN DONUTS WHAT DO YOU THINK!? Shaking the iced coffees in anger.