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(I am female, eighteen and working in a chain corner shop for a few weeks before going to uni. It’s an old shop building, converted not long ago into this format, and the dairy products are placed opposite the counter. I watch, smiling and friendly, as a young woman only a couple of years younger than me fills a basket with three cartons of lactose-free milk, a lactose-free butter and a lactose-free cheese. She is quite skinny but looks healthy. She turns round and begins unloading her items onto the counter, asking me about my day. Suddenly, as I begin scanning the first of her milk cartons, a middle-aged woman bustles up behind her and tuts loudly. Both me and the girl stop and turn in surprise.)
Me: Can I help you, ma’am?
Woman: *to girl* How old are you?
Girl: I’m 16, why?
Woman: Already trying to lose weight? *she points to the lactose-free items* Trying to be even skinnier, like a stick? Because you think you’re fat?
Girl: No, I –
Me: Excuse me, ma’am, may you refrain from insulting this poor girl?
Woman: *ignores me and begins to remove the lactose-free items and replace them with non-lactose-free ones from the dairy produce just behind us* There. Put some weight on. You’re like a stick already.
Girl: *close to crying*
Me: Ma’am, if you continue to verbally abuse her I will have to call store security.
Woman: Teenagers these days, trying to starve themselves thin and going on every diet imaginable.
Girl: *clearing her tears* Miss, you’re being very rude.
Woman: What? How DARE YOU -”
Girl: First of all, those items are for my mum, who has a severe lactose intolerance to the point that she has to be hospitalised. Also, I have a rare metabolic disorder, which means I cannot put weight on. It’s not high metabolism, which you can slow down, because with high metabolism you put on weight and then burn it off. I don’t put the weight on at all, though I absorb the nutrients. So unsupportive comments such as yours are not going to change anything about me.
My Manager: *sails from the back room* I have heard it already, ma’am – oh, (Girls’ name)!
Girl: Uncle (Manager’s name)?
Me: *bemused* Wait, you’re (Manager’s) niece?
Girl and Manager: *nod*
Woman: WELL, your mother is probably a diet-obssessed faddie.
Manager: That woman that you are talking about is my little sister, and she has the lactose intolerance to the extent that (Girl) was talking about. I would like you to leave.
Woman: *huffs and leaves, muttering obscenities*
Me: My little sister has a severe intolerance to gluten, I know what it’s like. Replace your items and you can have them free of charge.
Girl: Thank you, so much. I’m sorry you have to deal with people like that as a matter of course.
(My manager later received a call from the woman, who gave her details and filed a complaint about him and me. Needless to say, she is now banned from shopping at any of our chain of shops.)

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