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(I just transferred to a new grocery store. At my old one I had been a fuel clerk for five months, but was on register before that, still I’m a little rusty, and I’m sure I seemed new. I had just finished ringing a man and his wife up. His total came to 10.75. so he gave me 20.25. I give him his change, 9.50, then all hell breaks loose!)

Me: here you go sir, 9.50 and your receipt! (I smile)

Husband: uh, no. I get back 10 dollars, not 9.50.

(I froze, print a copy of his receipt and double check)

Me: um, you gave me 20.25 sire, your total was-

Husband: I know what my fucking total was! But you don’t know how to fucking count! (He shoves his finger into my face, leaning over the register)

Me: (I’m a little taken aback, but smile brightly, knowing full well what he gave me. I always triple count change in my head) oh, well I don’t think I kiss counted, but if I did, I’m very sorry. I think I have two spare quarters laying around, if you just hand me back your change, I’ll gladly give you a ten-

Husband: no you don’t understand, you need to go back to fucking school since you can’t count! Why do they hire such idiots!

Me: (I smile even bigger and hold out my hand for his change) your change sir, so I can get you a 10?

Husband: it’s not even about the ten, it’s about how fucking dumb you are! (He screams so loudly that his wife draws back from him

Me: (still smiling, now a line built up) alright, well you have a good day then sir! (I quickly turn to the next person in line and start ringing them up, only to hear him belittling me more to his wife, screaming that they should see a manager. Funny thing is, they counted my till about an hour later. Perfectly balanced. What gets me is that I offered to fix a mistake o know I didn’t make!)