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Okay, so I work at a call center here in our small town. We primarily handle sales calls, but we do take calls for other companies. One such company has a feature where if you can’t make an event, an automated line calls you and will connect you with us.)

Me: Thank you for calling *Company Name* on a recorded line, my name is *My Name* are you calling to register?

Caller: Who the f*** is this and why do y’all keep calling my d*** phone!?

Me: Sir this is-

Caller: Everytime I answer my f****** phone it’s you blowing up my d*** phone! Stay off of my d*** phone!

(As I’m about to explain we can place him on a Do Not Call list, he starts swearing again)

Caller: Quit calling my f****** phone you f****** a*******! (click)

Me: Well, have a pleasant day as well.

Thing is, if he had called and asked why he was being called, and stated he no longer wishes to be called, I could have put him on the list and he’d never be called again. But since he decided he’d call and scream at the first person to answer, he’s going to continue receiving those calls. And that made it an okay day.