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(It’s late and my shifts about over when a man approaches my registration with a seemingly great attitude.)

Customer: “I need to cash my check please.”

Me: “Sure thing, just follow the prompts, and I need your I.D please.”

(He follows all the prompts and I scan the check and it’s declined, something that’s never happened to me before.)

Me: “I’m sorry sir, it was declined.”

Customer: “D*** it! This has happened every time I cash a check here. It’s not your fault sweetie, but I need a manager. Maybe they can tell me what’s wrong.”

Me: “Sure thing sir!”

(I call a manager and he makes polite conversation with me while we wait.)

Manager: “Hey, (my name) what do you need?

(I explain and she runs the check and it’s still declined)

Manager: “I’m sorry sir, but it won’t take this check.”

Customer: “Why the h*** not? It’s a good check! This place is the only place that won’t cash it for me, so fix it!”

Manager: “I’m sorry sir but there’s nothing I can do. There is a number you can call on this slip.”

(She hands him the slip stating the decline code and number to call if there are any questions about his check not casing)

Customer: I don’t WANT to call anyone. I want your supervisor. Now!”

Manager: “I’ll go get him, please wait here.”

(She runs after him while the customer grumbles to himself. He arrives a minute later.)

Supervisor: “I’ve been informed of your problem. I’m sorry sir, I can’t override the machines decline. All that can be done is you calling that number.”

Customer: “Are you f****** kidding me? Why won’t it take my check? Why won’t it f****** cash!? Why won’t it f****** cash?!

Supervisor: “stop swearing at me or I’ll have to ask you to leave. As I’ve-”

Customer: “F*** you and this d*** store and your r****** employees. You can kiss my a** you hobbit!”

(He then kicks over a display and throws everything around my registration on the floor while my manager screams at him to leave as he’s going to call the police. The guy starts to run out but not before turning to me screaming that’s it’s all my fault for being a lazy idiot who can’t do s***)