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, | Unfiltered | May 24, 2020

so this one thing happens almost every time i close up for the night and the start to leave the mall. i will always find customers who is asking me why all the doors are closed and none of the stores are open. this particular episode was unusally weird.

customer: excuse me but why are the stores closing

me: the mall is closing you need to leave so they can lock the doors

customer: ooh, but why are the stores closed?

me: the mall is closed you need to leave.

customers: well okei

they start to go towards the elevator (wich isn’t working since the mall is closed) and stand there pushing the button

customer: escuse me but why isn’t the elevator working?

me: the mall is closed you need to take the stairs to get out of here.

customer: but the elevator worked the las time I used it.

me: the elevator is chut down you need to take the stairs and go out, the mall is closed.

by this time i have to leave to catch my bus home, and i tell them that i have to leave, the last i saw they where just standing there pushing the button. i told the security that they where up there so i hope they got out.