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(I work at a fabric and craft store during the months between the times I traveled out of state for college. During my time there, there was a regular that all of us dreaded seeing. She would stay in the store for several hours, be very particular about how her fabric gets cut, be very vocal about people and things she didn’t like, and every visit would grantee that she could call the corporate office to file a complaint about someone for something, even about managers. It got to the point that corporate stopped listening to her due to finding her claims false when they would investigate or find the employee in the right. I’ve returned from college and resumed working for a few weeks when I noticed that I have not seen [Regular] at all. I ask my coworker about this…)

Me: Hey I haven’t seen [Regular] for sometime….has she been in here?

Coworker: Oh her? She got banned.

Me: What?! Why?

Coworker: So she came in and tried to check out using wanting to use one coupon over and over again on everything she got because she was ‘such a good customer’ and [Manager] explained to her several times about why we can’t do that. She got so mad that she went to all the customers in the store and told them about how much she hated [Manager] using the N-word and that she was going to shoot her in the parking lot.

Me: She threatened to shoot [Manager]!!??

(I should note that [Regular] is a older white woman and [Manager] is a tall black woman)

Coworker: Yep, [Manager] was pissed so when [Regular] finally left she called to police to file a report. They said that we should not let [Regular] on the property anymore and they were go to her house and inform her that she is now banned from the store.

Me: Sheesh….I knew she was bad but I didn’t know she was that bad….

Coworker: Yeah, [Manager] said that she could handle complaining and yelling customers but whenever someone uses racism or threatens her life, she will get serious.

(It has been a few years since then and [Regular] has never returned to the store. [Manager] had always been my favorite to work with because of her strong work ethic and caring attitude to all the employees. She eventually left when she got a promotion at her other job but it was moments like this that make me respect her so much.)

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