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Our shop closes at 12:00pm on Saturdays, and on this particular day, we have workmen doing some work to the wall near the front door. We have everything taped off with plastic wrap and the front lights are off. Additionally, the hours are printed in large lettering right on the front door at eye level.

I have stayed to keep an eye on things and lock up when the workmen are done. At about 1:00pm, a customer walks in the door, ignoring all of the plastic wrap and darkened front lights, to stride up to the front desk (which is also covered in plastic wrap).

Me: “Excuse me, ma’am, but we’re closed. You’ll need to come back tomorrow.”

Customer: “I just need to pick up my order.”

Me: “I understand that, but you cannot pick it up right now. We are closed.”

Customer: “The door wasn’t locked.”

Me: “Because we have construction work going on right now.” *gestures around at workmen and plastic wrap draping everything* “The guys need to use the door to get back and forth from their truck, but we closed at noon.”

Customer: “Can’t you just help me get my order?”

I look to see if we have it ready, thinking I can just have her sign the receipt and then we can check it out in the computer on Monday, but there is a balance due.

Me: “Unfortunately, ma’am, it appears you will owe [amount] before you can take it with you. Our computers have been shut down and the power to this area is off for the work to be done. I can’t check you out because of this. You’ll have to come back during normal business hours for the transaction.”

Customer: “But I came here today! I need to pick up my order!”

Me: *firmly* “Ma’am, we are closed and cannot assist you today. Please come back Monday morning for your order.”

Customer: “Fine.” *sighs loudly and storms out the door*

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