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, | Unfiltered | May 23, 2020

(There’s a long term guest staying with his wife, and he seems…weird. He pelts our manager with complaining emails, and when he speaks to the front desk staff, he doesn’t even look us in the eye. One day, we get a call from another guest that’s in the room next door to him.)

Other Guest: “Yeah, there’s loud shouting and noise next door. It’s late and I wanna sleep.”

(I apologize and get in touch with security to see what’s going on. Security is busy on another task, so that takes a while. About 15 minutes later, four police walk in, looking very serious.)

Police: “We got a call about domestic abuse?”

Me: “…Um.”

(They ask where the room is, and it’s the weird long term stay guest’s room. Turns out he started flipping out and throwing things around in room and into the walls, and his wife got scared and call the police, who came. The police told him that he was not allowed to throw things around and make noise, and the weird guest looked very shocked and upset that he couldn’t! I wish guests would leave their drama at the door…)

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