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I just finished ordering my drink and I move over to their pick up counter which is a few feet away from their ordering counter. I wait for a minute or two and my drink is ready, but I am just chatting with the manager since I am a regular there. There are other baristas on shift and no one else in line. Not even after two sentences with her just saying hi and asking how her day is, someone interrupts me.

Customer: ARE YOU DONE?
Me: *confused* What?
Customer: I SAID, are you done? Move it!
Me: Uh, yeah I guess. (I move out of the way).
Customer (to the manager): Can I get [order]?
Manager: Sir, you order over there. *points to EMPTY ordering counter with barista waiting*
Customer: Oh.

He moves over there and gives me a sheepish grin and I glare back at him. I say bye to the manager and leave for my shift.

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